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Family Law Attorney

Adam S. Hyman is a Bel Air lawyer serving clients in Harford County, Baltimore County, Anne Arundel County and Cecil County. Mr. Hyman is a family law attorney, as well as a criminal law attorney.

Hiring a skilled attorney to represent you is one of the most important decisions you can make for your future and your family’s future. Mr. Hyman is dedicated to protecting your rights and getting you the best legal outcome possible.

Family law matters such as divorce and child custody can be complex, time consuming and emotional. Family law attorney Adam S. Hyman can help you navigate the changes these life events can bring.

As a criminal lawyer, Mr. Hyman has defended clients charged with various drug offenses, traffic violations, DUI / DWI.

Adam S. Hyman is an experienced lawyer with a history of skillfully representing clients with diverse legal issues throughout the state of Maryland. Mr. Hyman is committed to providing all of his clients with personal and professional legal representation.

If you need legal representation in a separation, divorce, child custody, traffic or criminal case, call lawyer Adam S. Hyman today at 410-838-3978 for a Free 30 minute consultation.

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